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We at Epicbae understand that when someone downloads a dating app it is because they want a real connection. Sometimes you just wanna make new friends, have a nice chat with a stranger over coffee or just wanna have fun...

Let's say you've just moved to a new city and don't know anybody there. You wanna meet new people, make new friends and try new things, or maybe you need a travel buddy. You are in good hands!

  • You will find in our app many options to choose from.
  • You are just one click away from expanding your horizon!
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Epicbae is more than a dating app. It's a social app that not only helps you create real connections, make new friends, or have a date, but also gives you control over your dating life. Just post a date, select that lovely person you wanna go out with from all the date requests you are gonna get and go have fun! It's that simple! You are in charge!!!

Epicbae helps you get a companion to go out for lunch, dinner, to watch a movie or just have a cup of coffee, etc. With all the options within our app you can make real connections with real people.

  • • Do you wanna expand your social circle?
  • • You don't have any friends to spend time with?
  • • Do you need someone to go out with? Epicbae is the answer!


We care about your safety. For that very reason you can send a message to your online friends through our app to help you escape from a “bad” date, or if in danger, you can just click on the “SOS” button that will automatically share your location with your online friends with the message: “I’m in danger’ and get help from them.

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Epicbae is a mobile application for both Android an iOS, created to help people chat, date, invite each other and make real connections. We made sure of that by integrating many options to make everybody happy.

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